Airship Bakery

Take to the skies with cakes and pies in one sweet zeppelin!
A whole new way to play match puzzle games! Don’t settle for a match 3 when there’s so much more you can do. So, sprinkle some sugar and spice on your delicious desserts, jump in your zeppelin, and make the villagers happy!

Capital City – The Finance & Strategy Game

Channel your inner mogul and get ready to take over the city!
Hone your strategy and get ready to make some fast deals! Traverse the cityscape in one of 11 wild vehicles and find deals that fit your investment strategy. Every coffee shop, car wash, pet shop and apartment building has the potential for opportunity. But just like in real life, not every deal is a good one.

CASHFLOW - The Investing Game

Rich Dad’s beloved CASHFLOW® Classic is now mobile & available for iPad.
The game USA Today proclaimed, “Monopoly® on Steroids!” has been brought to the mobile platform! A mobile iteration of the tabletop game, CASHFLOW delivers a powerful and fun experience. Unwittingly learn real financial strategies as you fight to get out of the Rat Race of being an employee and delve into the world of the rich.